Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Style Statement: Creative Joy

Suzyn Jackson, August 1974
Writer. Designer. Mama.

An object that I cherish: a teacup, made by hand: imperfect, poetic, fine.

Even thought it's completely over the top, I secretly love: flowers in hair.

My definition of sexy: naked & happy.

What I'd like more of in my life: friends, dancing, walks in the woods.
If I had more of that, I'd feel: joyful, connected.

I'm my best self when: I'm well rested and fed.

If I could become a master of anything, I would like to know the most about: color.

I am the kind of friend who: might not call for a few months, but will carefully consider, and maybe even make, your Christmas present.

The best material gift I've ever received: my engagement ring.
I cherish it because: It was designed for me. It embodies my husband's love. It sparkles.

Some works of art that have moved me are:

I describe my inner rhythm as: Vivaldi, Bach

My favorite flower is: Pink lilies.
If this flower had its own personality, I would describe it as: exuberant, large, unafraid to be what it is.

My favorite form of play is: tickling my sons.

Creative means to me: artistic, fertile, rich, expansive, design, make, compose, dance, poetic, sing, mother, handmade

Joy means to me: light, life, laughter, bubbles, sparkles, sexy, rich, happy

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Mossback Meadow said...

Loved reading this. I did my style statement last spring - Natural Lustre. Isn't it awesome when you can put a name to all the things you are?