Monday, September 8, 2008

Hey Knitters!! Call for Leaves

Please help me knit a Tree of Life to be featured in my upcoming book, Knit It Together. (See, we're knitting the tree together. Get it? Get it?)

Here are all the details.

Thank you! Thank you thank you thank you!!

Update: click here to see all updates and Q&As on this project.


StampingJoan said...

our knitting goup organizer just put this up in our meetup group. We are all in the Columbia area so hopefully you will get a great response! I hope to do it as soon as I finish some knitting commitments!


Suzyn said...

Welcome Columbia knitters!! I'll drop by soon to do a demo.

WingedStrategos said...

I've already knitted two leaves and they're a bit addicting. There will probably be several of these from me pretty soon.

Suzyn said...

@wingedstrategos - thanks! I was hoping the leaves would be enjoyable. No two RS rows the same, quick payoff - recipe for an absorbing, addictive pattern!

Anonymous said...

I understand leaving the tail of the yarn at the bottom of the leaf for attaching to the tree, but would you like the end from the top of the leaf woven in? Let me know and I'll send in what I've done so far.